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Our office boasts the latest in dental technology, making your appointments faster and easier than ever before.

With screens at every patient’s chair, you can follow along as our team shows you the ins and outs of your smile’s health. This technology allows for you to see areas where you can improve, what you’re doing well, and how you can keep your teeth happy and healthy.

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A beautiful smile is priceless.  Our combination of dental treatments such as veneers, bonding, whitening, and tooth re-contouring can be used to address your cosmetic dental needs.  Often, a combination of tow or three different methods will transform your smile and boost your self-confidence.  Whether you're looking for in-office teeth whitening or full-mouth restoration, we know you'll be thrilled with the results. 

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Perfect teeth don't always last forever.  Our restorative services are cosmetic focused using only tooth-colored materials for fillings, crowns, and bridges.  All of our treatments are metal free.  We work with patients to create dental implant care plans to replace missing teeth.  Our doctors also perform select surgical and endodontic services .

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Our goal as your dental provider is to focus on your overall health, not just your oral health. Many health conditions are linked directly to the health of the mouth, and our mission is to improve our patients’ well-being as well as their smiles. We begin that care on a foundation built on disease screening, early diagnosis, minimally invasive care, and preventive care.

General & Preventative
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